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"Bobby has been our in house videographer for 3 years and a trusted employee for 2 before that. His work ethic is unsurpassed and he never fails to deliver the highest quality videos, often in extremely testing situations. A true professional." - Joe Warner, Director, Hear and Now Entertainment.



Due to my extensive work with Hear and Now Entertainment I was actually a videographer long before I became a professional photographer. One of the most important aspects of running a music agency is video production, as promo videos are often the only way a client can see what a band looks/sounds like before hiring them to perform. After a year or so of employing a videographer and taking notes I started to feel like I knew the equipment and the process well enough to do my first band video, and shortly thereafter took over the company's video production and have been the in house videographer ever since.


The Killers Kollective -

Videography - Bobby Shoebotham, Audio Production- Tom Brookhouse

Solo: Ellen Millward - Check out her Facebook and Instagram for booking enquires or her Youtube.

Videography: Bobby Shoebotham, Audio Production and Engineering: Bobby Shoebotham


With over a hundred band videos under my belt I am well versed in everything that goes into making a great video production, from a videography standpoint (angles, sound, lighting etc.) but also from a performance point of view. Having received thousands of such band videos as part of my work with the agency and being a performer myself I know exactly what makes a video stand out and go from being a group of musicians standing onstage playing the notes to a full, exciting video production and performance that blows the socks off prospective clients or bookers.


Aside from being a videographer I am also a sound engineer of more than 15 years, so as well as great visuals I can also provide top notch audio to complete the production package. In the age of social media, a bands visual content and aesthetic is almost as important as the music itself and a wealth of such content is essential if you want to be noticed. As such I can provide a number of different videography options to help move things forward, such as full video productions, live videos or studio videos to name a few, as well as photos to complete the package. Please see the accompanying examples of my videography and my youtube for the types of videos I can shoot, or get in touch if you'd like to discuss what kind of options would suit your band or production.

Zach Olonkwo Videography: Bobby Shoebotham, Audio Production: Bobby Shoebotham

Above: The Young - The Boys, live at Yellow Hat Studios.

Videography: Bobby Shoebotham, Audio Engineering and Production: Bobby Shoebotham

Below: Dynamix, live at the Irish Harp, Doha

Videography: Bobby Shoebotham, Audio Production: Bobby Shoebotham

Joe Warner live at The Oxygen Rooms, Birmingham

Videography: Bobby Shoebotham, Audio Production: Bobby Shoebotham