Event Photography

"Bobby is a rare find in the world of professional photographers. He combines the portraiture of an artist with the reliability of a producer. He delivers beautiful shots and always hits our deadlines. We use him for all our big events, from celebrity dinners to stadium showcases. Whatever the occasion, whatever the challenges of lighting, he always finds a way to get the photos that we need." - Jack Reynolds, CEO, Football Beyond Borders.

As I'm sure you can imagine, being a professional photographer and event photography go hand in hand, especially in London where there are events/meetings of every description happening every day and night. Whether they're personal events (weddings, engagements, etc), business (corporate events, showcases etc) or somewhere between, (music events, plays, sporting events etc.) I can provide event photography to suit your needs.

I was initially drawn to personal event photography through my work as a portrait photographer, as what better place to capture sincere emotions and candid portraits than an event where everyone is surrounded by their loved ones? The benefits of having a professional photographer at your family event are obvious to anyone who has ever looked at a photograph and been struck with the warmth of emotion that being back there for a second brings. As such, I endeavour to capture fond memories and candid snapshots with my photogaphy at personal events to create images that evoke those particular emotions in the future. 

In the business world, event photography is essential for showcasing your brand, organisation or even the events themselves if they are your main product (e.g. showcases, record fairs, markets etc). For many businesses, corporate events are about showcasing what the company has achieved and its core values, and especially today it is essential that you have a professional photographer at hand to document these milestones for websites, newsletters and social media. There's nothing like a badly shot mobile photograph on a company page to make you think 'amateurs'! Business events are also a great opportunity for more informal corporate headshots or group portraits as everyone is usually looking their best, and can be a great substitute for the usual 'corporate headshot in front of a standard background' for things like linkedin accounts or company profiles.

Another obvious type of eventy photography that I'm interested in is music photography, and you can find more information about this on either my music photography page or my videography page. If you have any kind of event coming up in London (or elsewhere within reason) and need a professional photographer, please don't hesitate to check out my services page or get in touch so that we can discuss exactly what it is you need for your event.