Sound Engineering

"I needed a mix on an unreleased track I'd recorded and knew Bobby through a friend. After a chat and a listen through the stems with him I thought he was the right guy for the mix and when he delivered it 5 days later I knew I'd made the right choice. It sounded huge and right up there with any of the biggest bands I listen to, so I couldn't be happier with the job he did. Would definitely recommend" - Matt Rocco

The Black Stone - You Want More - Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bobby Shoebotham

DImes - State Run Press - Engineered by Joe Warner, mixed and mastered by Bobby Shoebotham

Blue - Recorded by Charlie Yang, mixed and mastered by Bobby Shoebotham

The Young - Seeing the Life (Live at Yellow Hat Studios) - Recorded live, mixed and mastered by Bobby Shoebotham

The Night Is In My Bones - Recorded, mixed and mastered by Bobby Shoebotham

Long before I became a professional photographer, I started my creative journey in various UK bands playing festivals, club nights, weddings and even the odd motor cross rally in Sweden! Aside from this I have also worked for one of the UK's largest music agencies for the last 5 years as a professional photographer, videographer and sound engineer. We've worked with some of the finest uk bands and british music artists to secure them residency contracts abroad and their promo videos are the main tool we have at our disposal to do this.

Aside from my live experience, I have been writing, recording and mixing music since I was 15, and became a sound engineer out of necessity which then translated perfectly into my later professional career. 

If you need a mix engineer for your latest track or album, I will mix and master your band's multitrack stems to a professional standard using Logic Pro and an array of plugins including waves, antares, izotope, audioease and many more. This will be done on a Mac Pro desktop tower with Yamaha monitors and ESI subwoofers. The process will include:

Editing (if necessary)
Vocal tuning
Drum replacement/doubling
Mixing (balancing, eq, compression, saturation, effects) 

I specialise in Punk, Rock and Metal as that's what I grew up on, but through my work with the agency have been exposed to a multitude of different styles over the years which has left me versatile and adept at mixing any genre.

If you need a sound engineer, please get in touch now to discuss your next project.