Pet Photography

**OFFER: Currently running a special offer on £50 outdoor dog shoots! Includes 20 professionally edited photos!**

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   An unexpected new love of mine; my pet photography work has been born out of two things. Firstly, it is a pretty logical extention of my portrait photography and family photography packages, as clients/families often have pretty adorable pooches running around and if there's a break in shooting or their dogs just happened to be doing something outrageously cute at the time, I often find myself innexplicably drawn to taking some shots of them, some have which have become some of my favourite photos. Secondly, much like seemingly the rest of East London I got my very own puppy Phoebe (pictured multiple times above) just after the first lockdown and with fairly limited things to photograph she quickly became my biggest lockdown muse.

   With family photography and portrait photography both in the midst a lockdown enforced quiet period and with the great outdoors being the perfect setting  for pooch photos and one of the few environments I can still safely work in, it seemed foolhardy not to offer out pet photography as one of my services. This time has also reminded me that way back at the start of my freelance photography career my first ever paid photoshoot was a series of dog portraits (some of which are included above) so it's also been great to reconnect with the past and reacquaint myself with the unique challenges and joys of dog photography. While they may never stay still for more than half a second and are more often than not heavily prone to exploring/licking the camera like no other subjects I've encountered, it's also pretty hard to not get a good picture of a dog because let's face it, they're just very cute.  

   I'm currently doing a £50 special offer on outdoor pet photography to keep myself busy during lockdown. Shoots will all obviously all need to take place outdoors in a park and I'll be using an 85mm lens which will mean I don't need to get too close to you or the dog, meaning everything is Covid secure. Shoots will last 45 minutes as from my experience you don't need much more than that to get plenty of great shots of a pooch having a blast in the park. Photos will be delivered via an online gallery that you will get to choose 20 photos from, which I will send you HD files of. More can be bought if needed and if you would like printing or framing I can do both these for you at an additional cost. I mostly shoot in victoria park as I walk in it every day and know the best locations/times of day for shoots, but I can also cycle to other London parks within reason. If you'd like some great professional photos of your dog please don't hesitate to get in touch now or give me a call on 07871 354 488 to discuss.