Music Photography

""If you are looking for an efficient photographer Bobby is your guy! We were all under such a tight deadline but he was super flexible and efficient in organising our shoot. He knew exactly what would work and was very clear with his directions. Bobby made even our camera shy team mates feel comfortable and brought us together as a team. Even with how last minute everything was we managed to shoot our remaining cast members and win the contract! Thank you Bobby!" - Jade Phipps, Cabaret Femme Fatale

As I mentioned on my home page, my photography journey actually began with music photography as part of my job with Hear and Now Entertainment, and as I have continued to develop it has remained central to my ethos and style as a photographer. Professional photos are essential for a music agency as image is so important in the modern music industry, and after watching a photographer doing studio shoots with our uk bands for a year or so I decided to get off the sidelines and starting shooting myself. The rest, as they say, is history. I started doing the photography and videography for all our british bands and before long I was hooked, moving on to landscape, then portrait photography and eventually deciding to take the plunge and become a professional photographer.

If you're part of a wedding band or covers band you're in luck, as having been on the receiving end of quite literally hundreds of promo photos as part of my work with the agency I know exactly what makes a function band photo stand out, but perhaps more importantly exactly what to avoid! Having also been in originals bands and being around the music industry for the past 15 years I also know theres a big difference between drab, emotionless photos and the kind of shots that catch potential listener's eyes and make them want to check you out.

As I've mentioned above, music photography and videography is becoming ever more essential in the age of social media, and if you want to take the step up in professionalism that your competition is no doubt already doing on their channels, I can help. Whether it's the sleek, polished look of a studio shoot (usually more suited to function bands) or an edgier/more experimental location shoot more favoured by originals artists, I can make your vision come to life and get your visuals caught up to the professional level of your music in no time. For more info on pricing check out my services page, or if you'd like to discuss booking please get in touch now.