Urban Photography | London Landscapes

As soon as I started out on my career as a professional photographer, in fact pretty much as soon as I figured out how to use a professional camera I started taking pictures of London and it's surrounding areas.

Whereas things like music photography and portrait photography are always a necessity, landscape/urban photography is more a project of passion, and I now find it almost impossible to go on walks in London without at least trying to document it's rich urban landscapes. As such (and as I'm sure you'll be able to see from the above) my landscape photography is not always strictly 'landscape photography' in the literal sense, but encapsulates a lot of different styles such as architectural photography, observational photography or even the odd bit of macro photography!

All of the above landscape photos can be bought either framed or as stand alone prints and my online shop. Furthermore, if you'd like any prints from my Instagram page, please get in touch and that can be arranged.