A Rainy Day in Regent's Park

Published on 8 September 2021 at 10:12

A toddler inspecting a red rose in a green garden on an overcast day.

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of taking some family snaps with George, Charlotte and the ultra-cute little Camille, which you can find a collection of below. However, the shoot very nearly didn't happen. We'd literally been trying to do it for 6 months (!) as either Covid or the British weather kept foxing us at the last minute, so this was a highly anticipated session. As the countdown to the big day got closer I kept an ever more weary eye on the old weather app and unfortunately things just kept getting bleaker and bleaker, but it'd been so long and we'd already put it off so many times that we just decided to go for it. That morning things were looking good and I even texted George saying 'I think the Sun is coming out!'... Big mistake. Obviously as soon as I got out of the tube station ,a fairly torrential deluge of rain started pouring from the sky, and I was forced to stand under a tree with some elderly Norwegian tourists letting the worst of it pass and thinking "this is going to be a disaster."

A toddler holding a leaf and looking up at her parents against a dark background
A toddler smelling a red rose while her parents proudly look on.
A toddler looking over her dads shoulder at the camera with a green background
A toddler looking cheekily at the camera while her parents look on from the background on an overcast day.

After standing under the tree for about 10 minutes I decided I couldn't stay there forever, and ran to meet the guys at their car so we could discuss the next plan of action. As I say we'd already cancelled this shoot about 5 times and since we'd all actually travelled to the park this time I don't think any of us wanted to do so again, but the weather was so bleak and I was so reluctant to to give the guys sub par photos that we eventually decided to cut our losses and reschedule for another day. However, literally as I was saying goodbye to get on the tube, there was a short break in the rain, and we decided to throw caution to the wind and take just a couple of test shots....

A toddler waking at the camera while being held by her mother against a green flowery background.
A toddler standing next to some greenery and looking slightly off camera in a park.
A toddler explores some red roses in the park on an overcast day.
A father supporting his baby daughter as she smells a red rose in a park.

And I'm so glad we did! After a bit of a shaky start with me shielding my camera from the rain with my hoody (as obviously I didn't bring an umbrella) and everyone looking for remotely dry things to look at, everything suddenly seemed to click. We took a wander around the flowerbeds in Regent's park and Camille took a real interest in the various plants which I knew immediately was going to make for great photos. She also has a real skill for waving at the camera and blowing kisses, which both started to quiet the skeptic of anything that's not flooded with golden sunshine in me and started to make me think "You know, these might end up actually being pretty good."

A mother kissing her daughter in a rose garden.
Black and white photo of a father holding his daughter on a bridge in a park.
A smiling toddler standing on a rainy day in a green garden
A toddler running away from her mum in front of some park gates

The photo below is actually one of my absolute favourites from the shoot, despite managing to catch Camille without a smile on her face. I think this is because when I saw it I immediately thought "that would make such a sick hip hop album cover" because she looks like an absolute boss. However, as I look at it more I think it's also great that her facial expression pretty much perfectly captures the emotion that most people have when standing in the rain on a grey, horrible day. And.... It does look like a really sick hip hop album cover!

A toddler standing in the rain in a green flower garden with an unimpressed look on her face.
A family sitting on a bench with the baby poiting up at her mum's nose.
A toddler in her mother's arms smiling at the camera with a green background.
A toddler in a rose garden pointing at a bubble on an overcast day.

As the shoot went on the weather just kept getting clearer, and Charlotte and George pulled out a game-changer... the bubbles. This is now the second shoot where people have brought bubbles with them and I should be learning by now to maybe bring some myself as they always look great, and I'm yet to meet a child who doesn't love them. They even managed to tear Camille away from a particularly fascinating bridge which she for some reason she became completely obsessed with. For a moment she seemed genuinely torn between the bubbles and the bridge, but thankfully the bubbles seem to have edged it.

A dad pointing at a bubble while his baby daughter looks up at it.
A toddler pointing up in the air while walking along a path in a london park.

Really love the casual hand in the pocket in the photo below... Again, pure hip hop.

Black and white photo of sa fasther and his baby daughter crouching down in the park.

And just like that, despire the weather's best efforts, we'd managed to get the shoot done. I'm so glad we went ahead with it, because even putting aside the fact that it'd been cancelled so may times, it also pushed me out of my comfort zone to shoot and edit completely differently then I usually do. It's quite easy to make everything look nice when you've got a beautiful golden hour glow on a family and can use the angle of the sun to get lovely lens flares on everything, but when you're confronted with a grey, miserable, rainy day I really think it takes a lot more to bring warmth and emotion to photos, which I hope I've done here. It also allowed me to go darker on my edits than I'd usually do with a family shoot, which is secretly my favourite type of edit but not one that usually fits photos like these, but again I think really seems to work here. 

A smiling dad holds his daughter on his shoulders while she plays with his face and mum looks on.

I had a really great time on this shoot, and would like to say a huge thanks to George, Charlotte and Camille for putting up with all the rescheduling and Covid calamities, and for making the whole thing just a great experience. As I've said I'm really glad we decided to go ahead with the shoot and I hope you guys love the photos and continue to enjoy them for years to come! Also big thanks for choosing the all black and white colour scheme on the clothes! Not sure if that was a conscious choice but they really made the darker edits pop!

A mum and dad crouching down with their baby daughter while she inspects a rose leaf in a london park


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