A Very Containerville Christmas

Published on 9 March 2021 at 16:20

Flyers and paper bags for containerville christmas market.

Just before Christmas last year when being allowed to hang out outside was still a thing, I got a call from my old pal Jackie at Containerville London asking if I'd be free to come and take some pictures of their outdoor Christmas market at their Emma Street site in East London. As anyone that knows me well will attest, I freaking love Christmas. I also love Containerville having worked in an office there for the best part of 2 years, so it really didn't take much convincing for me to go down and take some pictures for all the lovely folks there. The Emma street site also wasn't finished when I used to work there, so it was exciting to see what they'd done with the space, and I was pretty blown away with the results. Here are some photos from the day:

Sign saying Containerville Christmas Market
Market stalls set up in a decked courtyard
Woman with a scarf and coat on setting up a market stall with a yellow throw.

I got there early doors to see all the stands getting set up and watch the market take shape. It was a freezing 10AM on a Saturday morning, so the level of dedication on show really was impressive.

Woman in hat and gloves setting up
Market stall selling scented candles
Woman in leather jacket and head scarf setting up a market stall

Francine from Bronze Layerz setting up her stall. I intended to stay strong throughout the day and not buy anything as money was tight, but I just could not resist some of her chilli oil... and it's amazing!

Woman in leather jacket setting up artwork stall
Market stall selling artworks and prints.

Everyone really knew what they were doing display wise, so getting nice photos of them all was a doddle. Above is Katie Whitford's illustration's stall and below the aforementioned chilli oil from Francine at Bronze Layerz. With everything all set up, all the market needed was some customers....

Market stall selling caribbean spice chilli oil.
Market vendors setting up their stalls in decked courtyard
Market stall selling colourful scented candles
Close up of market stall selling gift cards

Michaela at May Contain Glitter (pictured above) definitely knew what she was doing with the tones on her stall, and Imie and the crew at Easy Social Cocktails (below) knew exactly how to make everyone want a drink with their display!

Market trader setting up ceramics on her stall
Cocktail bottles displayed at a market.
Miniature artwork of desk scene
Miniature artwork of bedroom scene
Miniature artwork of living room chair
Market sall selling ornate chocolates

When it got to about 2PM the eager customers started rolling in, including a couple of familiar faces scouting out wine from Rupert and Louise at Unchartered Wines below. If I know those two at all, I think he might just have made a sale!

Market stall selling ornate gift cards with a yellow throw
Customers buying wine at a market stall
Customers buying gift cards at a market stall
Market stall selling fancy sodas
Market trader talking to customers about his scented candles.
miniature artwork scenes lined up on a market stall
Glowing orange bulbs with a blurred background
Two customers looking intently at market traders stall

Some customers looking understandably entranced by the miniature work of Daisy Blower (above). There's some more detailed photos of these earlier in the article but it's safe to say they really blew my mind and were probably my highlight of the day. Such great work!

Market stall trader restocking her stall

As night started falling and the temperature started dropping it unsurprisingly started being the stalls that involved booze taking centre stage. Piotr at Firewater Workshop (below) knew this well and I got this shot right after he finished setting up his pre made cocktail stall at sundown. Obviously I would never dream of drinking on the job, but I have it on very good authority that they were absolutely delicious.

Market trader waiting or customers at his stall
Markt trader talking to customer
Cocktail stall set up with cocktail bottles and glowing orange bulbs
Cocktail bottle on shelf with glowing orange background
Cocktail bottles set up on shelf in a line surrounded by glowing orange bulbs
Market trader at a cocktail stall making a dsale with a chip and pin card machine
Customers at Christmas market drinking in courtyard
Woman in pink hat bends down to read bottle label at a cocktail market stall

As it got later and later the Easy Cocktail crew really became the stars of the show. I have no idea how many times they announced they'd run out of mulled wine and then somehow produced more from somewhere... but it was a lot. Aside from watching them doing a roaring trade I was also quite transfixed by their display tekkers. The warm orange bulbs set around the reflective bottles looked amazing on camera and really brought a warm Christmassy glow to proceedings.

Man bending down to look intently at artwork on well lit market stall
Customers looking at scented candles at a market stall
Miniature artworks set out at a Christmas market stall

Night soon fell and it felt like temperatures were dropping below freezing, it was time to go home. As working days go, this was up there with the best for me. Spending all day in a Christmas market with lovely people, mulled wine flowing (which again I obviously didn't touch) and a Christmas playlist literally on repeat really was a dream. Big thanks to Jackie and everyone at Containerville for having me and if you like the look of any of the stalls check the bottom of this page for links to all their instagrams so you can go and check them out.

Orange christmas bauble and glowing christmas lights tied to black metal fence.

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