Sundown with the Schikwambi-Kells

Published on 3 September 2020 at 09:35

Way back in July when you could still go out in a t shirt at 6pm, I had the pleasure of being asked for a family photoshoot with Rosie, Paul, Lyra and Nanny Cath in Victoria Park while Cath was down from Middlesbrough. As always, we waited until golden hour on a lovely summer's evening and took a picnic rug down to Victoria Park so everyone could properly relax during the shoot.

As you can probably tell from the outrageous glow in most of these photos, we caught the golden hour right at it's peak. What you probably can't tell however, is that Lyra was seemingly not in the mood to smile on the day! Luckily it was nothing that Mum, Dad and Nanny couldn't coax her out of, and before we knew it she was beaming like a drunk monkey at a funfair!

It might have taken her a while to warm up, but when she did there was no stopping her. Look at that smile! I like to think it was directed at me, but I'm not kidding myself into thinking that the huge raspberry Dad was simultaneously blowing had no part of this particular outpouring of joy.

Thanks to Covid, Nanny Cath had only actually met Lyra for the first time the day before the shoot as she's based in Middlesbrough, so it was really nice to get to document a part of her first few days with her beautiful new granddaughter. It became pretty apparent straight away that she is utterly besotted, and who could blame her!

As the sun went down it was obviously time to get Lyra another layer to keep her warm and start thinking about getting her to bed. This in turn lead to Rosie producing this particular little 'Maggie in the Simpsons' yellow star shaped number, which unexpectedly took the shoot to a whole other level! While everyone else around stood stunned, speechless with the sheer level of cuteness that Lyra was currently rocking; I realised I had to pull myself out of it as this was my time to shine. Cue: cuteness overload!

When everyone had recovered their senses and a notable chill was introducing itself, it was time to hit the road. Unsuprisingly, we had a lovely time! Paul and Rosie had the smart idea of inviting old friends Al and Lauren down for the shoot which I really think helped take the pressure off and let everyone just enjoy the moment and forget I was there... Which for once is a perfect scenario for me! Definitely one to remember for the future. So glad I got to capture some new memories for the family, especially of Nanny Cath spending some time with her much awaited little granddaughter. Thanks for all the smiles guys! And particularly for the yellow outfit! Heartwarming stuff!

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Catherine Sykes
2 years ago

Truly amazing photos Bobby. Fantastic memories in those photos. Thank you so much for these. You’re an amazing photographer