Foord-Williams Family Outing

Published on 16 July 2020 at 11:06

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely afternoon location photoshoot with new parents Jack and Emma Foord-Williams and their adorable little son Asa. He was born right as lockdown was starting so by the time being allowed back into parks came around they were very keen to get out there and get some nice professional photos of him before he got too big!

Asa really is cute as a button, especially while trying to eat Dad's finger. I have about 20 shots of this alone and they're all a complete joy. He's also a dream to shoot; seemingly displaying every human emotion fantastically over the course of the day. He even managed to nail 'pensive' in the photo below over Jack's shoulder... which is no easy feat for a baby!  

It was an absolute blinder of a day... quite literally! We had to shoot in the shade, partly because of the harsh mid afternoon sun, but mostly because there was no way this little guy (and me for that matter) could stay out in the direct sun for too long. Nothing a well positioned reflecter couldn't take care of though!

Another thing I learned about Asa and I believe babies in general at the shoot is the quite incredible power anyone with a white noise generator can weild over them. Asa could be crying like the world was about to end but as soon as Emma flicked the switch on this thing it was like a blanket of calm had just dropped over his tiny head. I wish they made one for adults!

Once the white noise went on it was lights out for baby Asa and time to call it a day on a smashing afternoon's shooting. It was great to meet the little guy and an absolute joy to be in his (and of course Jack and Emma's) company for a few hours. He was unbelievably well behaved for a baby so young and it was great to see how curious he was about what I was doing and how hilariously he responded to tickles and slightly abstract poses from Jack (see below). I think we could have a young scientist in the making!

If any other young parents out there would like a family photoshoot to capture those precious moments when they're still so little, check out my family photography page for more examples or get in touch for more details. Big thanks to Jack, Emma and Asa for a lovely days shooting! Can't wait to see this little guy growing up!

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