Family Photoshoot with the Murpheys

Published on 8 July 2020 at 10:13

In late June 2020 I travelled down to Hilly Fields in South London with facemask on for a lovely family photoshoot with the Murpheys (Will and Morag) and new arrival little Callum. It was a beautiful sunny day with temperatures (and parents for that matter) in their early 30's and not a cloud in the sky. We waited till around 6 PM for the photoshoot to avoid the harsh glare of midday light and get as close to golden hour as we could before the little one's bedtime.

Young baby with blue eyes crawling towards camera

As you can probably tell, the main subject of this shoot (baby Callum) made things unbelievably easy for me. Those stunning baby blues coupled with an inquisitive, playful and incredibly chilled personality gave me a lot to work with. He spent a lot of time looking into the camera naturally (presumably to figure out what the hell it was!) and if he wasn't doing so, all it took was a silly face or wave to get him smiling like a seasoned model.

Family photograph of young parents with small baby
Young baby looking up into family photographers lens
Young baby with blue eyes looking up at photographer
Young baby looking into his father eyes

If my attempts as children's entertainer didn't cut the mustard, Mum and Dad were always at hand to coax a smile out of him. It's very hard not to look forced when you know there's a camera on you, but these guys were absolute naturals! You wouldn't even know I was there!

Blue eyed baby smiling into photographer's camera
Young father holding small baby son being photographed from below

We even managed to get some of my favourite 'Golden Hour' glow in through the trees!

Young mother laughing with small baby in a park
Young blue eyed baby looking incredulously up into photographers camera

The later timing of the shoot also meant we could get out in the direct sun without having to worry it was too much for the little guy and avoided any weird squinting smiles from parents and baby alike. It also meant we got the lovely side light you can see in the shots under the shade of the trees.

Young baby and father smiling at each other
Young family holding baby for family photographer
Young blue eyed baby sitting on his fathers shoulders and smiling at camera
Proud father holding his young baby son up to the camera
Young baby smilling over his mothers shoulder in the sunshine
Young blue eyed baby looking up into his father's eyes
Young mother holding her baby in a sunny london park
Young family posing for family photograph

All around it was a great day, filled with smiles, laughter and sunshine; the perfect recipe for a family photoshoot. The Murpheys and I both love how the shots came out, although as I said above I think the credit for this can mostly lie with the unbelievably cute little Callum. On days like this it feels like I have the easiest job in the world! As I said to Will and Morag, watch out for him in about 18 years... He's gonna be a real charmer!

Young blue eyed baby smiling up at family photographer


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